Construction Finance


If you own a piece of land or it is gifted and funds are required to construct a house on the same, construction finance is the perfect solution for you. The approved loan amount will be disbursed in tranches during the construction phase as per the Bills of Quantity (BOQ) submitted by you.  Construction Finance is also available to developers and builders with projects which has good scope of being sold. You can avail up-to 70-80 percent of the estimated construction cost with longer tenor of up-to 25 years.

Warehouse Construction Finance:

With warehouse construction you can get your own warehouse built exactly the way you want which suit your business requirements. This will not only save your operational cost on annual rent in longer run but will also be added to your asset. Moreover, it will grow in value in future and thereby increasing your long term profits.

We can help you avail finance up-to 70 percent of the total construction cost with longer tenure and cheaper interest rates.