Trade & working Capital Finance

Flexible trade and working capital solutions are available which can optimize your cash flow, minimize risk associated to buyer & supplier performance and help with your day to day trade requirements. Our team can guide and arrange funded and non-funded trade finance products based on your needs and business requirements.

  • Letter of Credit: Payment mechanism between importer and exporter which enables quick and efficient transaction and mitigate the risk for both the parties.
  • Invoice Discounting: It provides instant funding on the outstanding invoices and hence improves the cash flow.
  • Cheque Discounting: Like invoice discounting it provides immediate funding on the post dated cheques (PDCs) and hence it also improves short term liquidity requirement.
  • Overdrafts: It’s a revolving line of credit which allows access to cash (approved overdraft limit) and help to manage your short term fund requirement. You are liable to pay interest on the amount drawn and on the no of days its been used. A perfect solution to boost short term cash flow.
  • Guarantees: It is a promise from abank that your liabilities will be covered in case you fail to fulfill your contractual obligations. Some of the form of bank guarantees are Performance, Advance Payment, Retention Money, Labor, Maintenance and Bid and Tender guarantees. Its an ideal solution to keep your funds free to be used in business and not stuck as deposit.